Company Outline


Company      Aida Doi Architects
Establishment    January 6, 1976 by Takefumi Aida
Location       1-3-2, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,169-0072,JAPAN
Service       Architectural Design, Supervision, and Urban Planning,Product Design
Founder, Chairman Takefumi Aida
Representative   Shiro Doi
Qualification     Takefumi Aida / Registered architect , No.38256
           Shiro Doi / Registered architect , No.307392
Office Registered  architect office, No. 58860 / registration (Governor of Tokyo)

Takefumi Aida

Takefumi Aida

〈Founder , Chairman〉

Tekefumi Aida

Architect(Japan Institute of Architects)
Doctor of Engineering
Emeritus Professor at Shibaura Instittute of Technology.

1937 Born in Tokyo.
1960 Graduated from the School of Architecture,Waseda University,Tokyo
1962 Completed a master's course in architecture at the School of Architecture,Waseda University.
1966 Completed the course at the Graduate School of Architecture,Waseda University.
1967 Established Takefumi Aida Architect.
1970 Lecturer at Iwate University,Iwate.(until 1976)
1973 Assistant professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology.
1976 Lecture at Nagoya University,Nagoya.(until 1979)
1977 Professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology,Tokyo.(until 2000)
1979 Councellor of Architectural Institute of Japan.(until 1980)
1980 Visiting professor at Harbin Institute of Technology,China.
    Visiting professor at Technical University of Nova Scottia,Canada.
    Lecturer at the Waseda university,Tokyo.
1983 Councellor of Architectural Institute of Japan.
1985 Member of the board of directors,Architectural Institute of Japan.
1986 Visiting Professor at California University,Berkeley
1992 Advisory Professor at Tongji University,China.
1994 Advisory Professor at Dairen University of Technology,China.
1995 Councellor of Architectural institute of Japan.
1996 Lecture at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
2000 Emeritus Professor at Shibaura Instittute of Technology.
    Lecture at Tokyo University of Agliculture.
    Lecture at Tokyo Women's College of Fine Arts.
2013 Renamed Aida Doi Architects
    Chairman of Aida Doi Architects

1966 2nd prize -Shinkenchiku Housing plan competition(judge:Kenzo Tange)(Shinkenchiku6611)
1967 Merit prize - A farm village housing plan competition (Kanto branch and Tohoku branch)(Architectural Institute of Japan)
1982 Newcomer prize - Japan institute of Architects (Toy Block House I )
1983 2nd prize - International Competition of Doll`s Houses,sponsored by Architectural Design in association
    with the Save the Children's Fund in England.
1986 The 10th Award for Landscaping Architecture by Kanazawa-city.(Udatsuyama Garden Hills)
1991 The 5th Award for Landscaping Architecture by Saitama-Pref.(SIT,Saito Memorial Hall)
    1st prize in the Kawasato Villege Furusato Hall Competition,japan (Community Center of Kawasato Villege)
1994 The 8th Award for Landscaping Architecture by Saitama-Pref.(Community Center of Kawasato Village)
1998 The 12th Award for Landscaping Architecture by Saitama-Pref.(Mizuho Funeral Hall)
2007 The JIA Twenty-five Year Award (Toy Block House I )

Shiro Doi

Shiro Doi

〈Representative Director〉

Shiro Doi

Architect(Japan Institute of Architects)

1974 Born in KanagawaPref
1998 Graduated from the School of Architecture , Shibaura Instittute of Technology,Tokyo
2000 Completed a master's course in architecture at the School of Architecture , Shibaura Instittute of Technology,Tokyo
2000-2011 worked at an architect's office
2011 Established STUDIO URBS ltd
2013 Representative Director of Aida Doi Architects

2013 Award of excellence at Contest of Renovation House



2014.11.20 Takefumi Aida's book has published today.
This book has 100 sketches that he had drawn in about 40 years, and 100 simple epigrams that were newly written.
"Words of an Architect"/Takefumi Aida/Shinkenchiku-Sha/2014

■2014.9.25 "Drawing Blocks" is published on Archilovers.
It's one of Toy Block Projects which is still UNBUILD.
We want to build it somewhere actually.
Please contact us ,if you are interested.LinkIconcontact us

■2014.5.20 The homepage has been redesigned.


"Words of an Architect"/Takefumi Aida/Shinkenchiku-Sha/2014

"The far way to Architecture"/Takefumi Aida/Grass Review(not for sale)/2000

"The collection of works:Takefumi Aida"/Shinkenchiku-Sha/1998

"Thinking of drift"/Takefumi Aida/Shinkenchiku-Sha/1998

SD selected books 228 "Genealogy of a city design"/Takefumi Aida+Kazuo Tuchiya/Kajima-shuppansha/1996

"BUCKMINSTER FULLER"/Martin Pawley/Co-translated:Takefumi Aida+Takenobu Watanabe/Kajima-shuppansha/1994

"Buildings and Projects"/Princeton Architectural Press/1991

"Toy Block House X"/Takefumi Aida/Maruzen/1986

"Space And Concept1"/Takefumi Aida/Dohosha/1986

Ardhitecture Note "Toy Block House"/Takefumi Aida/Maruzen/1984

"The Theory of Architectural Forms"/Takefumi Aida/Meigensha/1975

"Rivers in the city"/Mann,roy/translated:Takefumi Aida/Kajima-shuppansha/1975

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